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September 20, 2021

Screed Benefits-laser screed machine

Today, floor screed has become a popular tool with residential developers and it is easy to see why. All laser screed machine manufacturers offer a complete latex and liquid floor screed solution to suit different builds – irrespective of the size. Place the screed alongside comprehensive underfloor heating service and you will get a complete heating and flooring package for every possible need.

Whether you have to undertake home renovations, housing developments, or large-scale industrial projects, laser screed is the way to go.

Flooring Screed is the Perfect Answer

If you need to renovate a room in a house or develop a commercial building on a larger scale –tailored floor screed solutions can be handy for you are searching for. So why a floor screed is a go-to option instead of traditional flooring methods? Here are some reasons:


If you opt for economic and efficient underfloor heating above conventional radiators – floor screed is the ideal answer.

Low Cost

Laser screed machine manufacturers deliver and pour floor screed around warm water pipes to give the ultimate energy efficiency at a low cost. The process is effective, particularly when mingled with wooden or tiled flooring. Thus, your building or home project will not only be well heated, but will also look modern, stylish, and radiator-free.

Best Heating System

Customers also consider practical surface-mounted options that involve placing insulated panels over existing floors, which become simple to install. And for those anxious to refrain from altering the floor level, there is an electric solution where matting is connected to the home’s electricity supply. Doesn’t matter what way you choose to heat your home, floor screed can play a crucial role in your heating system (underfloor). The reason is, it improves the retention and transfer of heat for longer durations. Thus you save money on energy bills.

Flooring Screed Featured

Remove Cracks

Further, floor screed eliminates cracks and gaps that can lead to heat escaping. It also gives a durable and strong layer that will save your underfloor heating. Self-leveling floor screed is quick to install and pour than conventional cement and sand methods and incurs lower labor costs. 

Liquid Floor Screed – Ultimate Solution to Multiple Problems

Liquid floor screed is a product that offers buildings and homes the desired finish. The same is said of latex floor screed that is also easy and quick to install. It can be used to correct unlevelled floors.

It is more versatile than conventional floor screed with a few days of drying time. This drying time allows you to push on with your construction project. Latex floor screed has a greater range of functional depth and you can lay it as thin as 3mm. This means less heat traveling distance from your selected system to the floor itself.

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